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This book is the first in the series of theology of development. Barry Wugale is consummate Developmental Theologian with over two decades involvement in advocating for community development, national transformation, environmental and economic justices: “Africa in Captivity: It’s Time for Churches to stand up”, is a work that does not only explains, but expand the meaning of captivity as it affects Africa. In this book, the meaning of captivity is stretched. The author shows that Africa is still held captive, politically, legally, socially, economically, environmentally, educationally and in the judicial sphere. It is a book which illustrate that Africa is being held within the claws of retrogressive global and political forces.




This is the first fiction work that tells the story of betrayals, lies and jealousy that imploded the struggle of the Bukhana Kingdom, an oil producing tribe. The author uses suspense and flash-backs to recall how the mass movement was built, how indigenous ideologies transformed into a movement of international repute. How local people destabilized a nation-state, Ngana Federation and the major oil firm, Deep Oil.

 It is built around Patrick Deebom, a young activist groomed for a dangerous mission by his uncle; who uses his connections in the force to set up a militia group. Navy Captain JJ Martins-Yellow and his friends are determined to free Prof. Benaale Saro Bunaale detained in military cells. Thus, they formed the Niger Delta High Command (NDHC), mobilized resources for media war against the government, stole weapons to attack oil installations, and infiltrate government security networks.

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