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Barry Wugale is an Ogoni, from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. He was born on the 7th of June 1972. Wugale has a multi-disciplinary educational background, having studied Christian Education, International Environmental Law, Journalism, Creative Writing and Environmental Education and Development Practice (EETDP).

He is an accomplished environmental and human rights activist with over two decades of involvement in advocacy for the upliftment of mining communities. He is passionate about socio-economic transformation through social entrepreneurial projects and an ardent advocate of accountable and transparent governance. He spent most of his adult life campaigning to change the face of poverty in Africa, especially within communities where extractive activities occur.

As a Pastor of the Altar of Liberation and Coordinator of Hands of Nehemiah Ministry, Wugale is a called teacher of the word of God and a gifted expository teacher of the Bible. He highlights biblical truths and principles in his teaching in order to provide inspiration and insight to help address personal, familial and professional challenges. His goal is for Christian principles to influence and drive politics and social transformation in Africa.

What Keeps Me Grounded


An African continent that is transformed through active citizenry and God-centered leadership.



To contribute to the reduction of religious rituals that bears no impact on the affairs of nations, and actively address the weaknesses of political leadership.


To promote knowledge and spiritual activities that inspire nation building.



Wugale is also a Sustainable Development Consultant. His special interest is in the facilitation of catalytic projects that translate into economic corridor development. A prolific writer, he has flourished in many different genres including fiction, Christian polemics, political satire and parody. Wugale brings his skills, educational background, African narrative power and creativity into all his works.

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Africa in Captivity: It's time for the Church to Stand Up

In this book the author has been very passionate and frank. In a simple and lucid presentation, Pastor Wugale has led us into God’s plan for raising a just Nation. The book is a guide for leaders who wish to inculcate sound national ideology into governance.


Registrar, Wycliffe University & African theological Seminary

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Johne Eze, (Research & Marketing) Pastor John Eze is an experienced researcher and content analysts on African politics. He has a background in marketing; he comes with over 15 years of trading in books. He understands the need of readers. He is an organic intellectual who follows footprints of Christian missions in Africa, pre-colonial and colonial developments.    

 Dorathy Barry, (Event Planning & Management): Mrs. Dorathy Barry is an excellent administrator; she has worked in different organizations as Project Administrator. She understands how to craft diverse components to produce expected outcomes. She pays attention to details and knows how to ensure that the best value for money is achieved.

 Gibson Barrys, (Online Marketing), Gibson is skilled in Information Technology, a web designer, social media content specialist and online marketing expert. He is a minister, singer and song writer.

Wendy Swartz, (Training Consultant): Ms. Swart is an experienced workshop, seminar and conference organizer, she is versatile in African Christian development, political histories and current affairs across the continent. She is committed to Pan-Africanism. 

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