By Barry Wugale

How & Why to Enhance Christian Influence in African Politics

Christian Theology

African Christian leaders and preachers have over the years made politics to seem a darkroom with monstrous images. The average African Christian has been directed away from active participation in politics. This book demystifies the myths and imagery fear instilled in African Christians about politics. It starts by showing the similarities between Christian Theology and Political Science as branches of social science. It shows why and how Christianity can contribute to societal organization, transformation and development.

The author use African story telling power, creative writing skill and biblical exegesis to introduce the readers into very knotty subject: Christianity and Politics is a subject that majority of African preachers avoid. There are limited materials on the subject. There is scarcity of literature that inspires African Christians to rise and take decisions bordering on their socioeconomic destinies. To write such material is seen as ‘political’, ‘secular’ or non-spiritual. But the author brings his bluntness of activism and passion for transformation to bear. 


Barry Wugale 

Barry Wugale is a writer, an activist, proponent of theology of development, sustainable development consultant, preacher and newspaper columnist. He combines his different parts and skills to promote radical but non-violent transformation across Africa. He believes strongly that Christian movements must play active roles in the nation building and development of African nations.

Wugale’s writings are highly interdisciplinary. He understands the power of the pen, which he constantly links to the importance of popular political education as the core of active citizenry that holds leadership accountable.

This website bears the works of an African who passionate about igniting Christian influence in politics, social entrepreneurship, productivity and organic intellectualism. Wugale is a powerful creative writer and storyteller.

Published Books


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How & Why to Enhance Christian Influence in African Politics

African Christian leaders and preachers have over the years made politics to seem a darkroom with monstrous images.

Niger Delta Command

This is the first fiction work that tells the story of betrayals, lies and jealousy that imploded the struggle of the Bukhana Kingdom, an oil producing tribe.

Africa in Captivity: It is Time for the Church to Stand Up

This book is the first in the series of theology of development. Barry Wugale is consummate Developmental Theologian ..


I echo the comments I made that Africa In Captivity: Its time for the Church to Stand Up) really challenges the reader to consider, embrace and act on active citizenship of the church in Africa as vital for our collective future – from whichever perspective you read.

Laura Grey- Editor

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Topic: Ken Saro-Wiwa: The Struggle of the Ogoni ethnic nationality against Shell.

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Launch of Niger Delta Command Book

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